Conservative-nationalist type

The first and most important aspect of the conservative-nationalist group of manifestos is their preoccupation with the power and greatness of the Polish nation, its state and history. It is of great importance for these manifestos to underline the fact that Poland is one of the big European nations, even powers – one which stood against Russian and German influence in central and eastern Europe and paid for it. Consequently PiS and Self-defence criticized the logic of international politics that gives too much power and influence to the great powers and lets other nations without a chance shape their own fates. Poland needs to be respected by other countries and the great powers should deal with it as an equal. Poland should have stronger influence on the EU and generally occupy a more powerful position in international politics.

Poland as a state is an expression and result of the Polish national movement – the historical aspirations and rights of the Polish nation which is the main raison d’être og Polish statehood. Poland should be the vehicle to carry the Polish national interest and also its defender. An important role for Poland was not just to take care of Poles at home but also to negotiate and, if needed, assertively defend advantageous living conditions abroad. For these reasons the conservative-nationalist manifestos stressed the need for a strong and capable state, able to defend itself and its interests. Furthermore, the crucial role of the state in the life of the nation has consequences also for the members of that nation.

For conservative-nationalist parties, the Polish nation is the central point of reference. Its identity and culture is for them of special moral value. The Polish nation was shaped by its tragic history and its strength, which has given birth to  modern Poles and Poland should be honored. Part of this Polish identity is Christianity and its moral values which are personalized in John Paul II. These values are part of the wider European civilization together with values such as freedom and human rights. All these values are today in danger of postmodern revolution and Poland should defend them not just at home but also in the EU.