Isolationist type

According to MIÉP, nations are objectively existing entities that, in the international arena, are represented by nation states. States and governments are reflections of the nation's values and culture and therefore they have a moral duty to introduce such  policies and measures that will ensure the nation’s long term survival. Survival is here understood not just as simple preservation of the lives of members of the nation but also as conservation of its cultural heritage and distinctive spirit. For the isolationist approach, the  Hungarian nation is shaped by its Christian values, common history, connection with the soil, way of life and at least partly by the colour of the skin. National identities should be protected from destructive and alien influences from abroad and the state should take care of this.  Its role is especially important in defending the nation from the plot set up by international capital and banks against the Hungarian nation. The nation, backed by the state’s authority, should expel foreign influence in Hungary and rather build a society based on traditional values.