Minority type

The manifestos are devoted to equality, tolerance and minority rights but these are also too often associated with the Hungarian minority and the region of  southern Slovakia where most of the Hungarian minority lives. This aspect of the manifestos could be interpreted as nation-centric. The policies and proposals contained in the election documents are not just about implementing and protecting the rights of minorities and especially Hungarian minorities, but these are often set up to further promote the Hungarian language and culture. Hungarian identity and heritage were considered to be in peril in Slovakia and it was of great importance to ensure their survival. Assimilation of the Hungarians was seen as a great threat. For SMK this was not just a question of minority rights but rather in the interest of the Hungarian nation as a whole.  It should be mentioned that this element of the political program was developed and emphasised in the 2010 manifesto while it was of secondary importance in SMK's electoral document of 2006.