Nationalist type

The typical features of the manifestos are a strong emphasis on national sovereignty, racism and xenophobia, rejection of the integrated role of the Czech Republic in the EU, an emphasis on conservative values, a negative attitude to the Roma minority and the revitalizing of the historical suffering of the Roma people during World War II. Related to the emphasis on national identity, the parties strongly stress patriotism, nationalism and the traditional value of the family. They neglect any kind of military or security cooperation (NATO) and also reject the continuation of the globalization process and the liberal world economy. Therefore the parties strongly accentuate national sovereignty but at the same merely criticize the current state of the world without offering any relevant alternatives.

​The parties reject any further immigration to the Czech Republic. Minority rights issues are related to the Roma minority. They refuse any kind of integration and openly support the departure of the Roma population from the Czech Republic. Both parties stress self-defence and military issues. The goal is to avoid any kind of external attack on the state and to be convincing about strengthening military capacities. Unsurprisingly, the parties refuse any kind of supranational cooperation and, therefore, the EU's activities are principally negative and harmful to state sovereignty.  The parties strongly accentuate conservative values, giving especially high importance to morality, the family and patriotism. The goal of this emphasis is (in connection with the accent on sovereignty) to reinforce the strong identification of citizens with their nation and to lead them to defending the national interest.