Nationalist type

The parties consider themselves to be the only true proponents of the national interests of the Slovak nation. In their worldview nations are basic, natural, primordial and eternal units into which mankind is divided. It should also be  mentioned that these parties  – in particular SĽS – stress the transcendent and divine origin of nations. Man is born into an objectively existing community – the nation. Since the nation is the basic political unit, it should also be the sovereign master in its own affairs. That is why the nation states exists. The existence of nation states is the natural consequence and expression of the existence of nations. Each nation is endowed with territory, language, culture and identity. These should be protected by the state. That is the reason d’être of its existence. The state should be the tool to cultivate and develop the nation, however members of the nation also have a moral commitment towards the nation. This commitment is not derived from the fact that community – state and nation – took care of its member. This commitment has rather the character of a moral  commandment which is simply the consequence of the fact that one is its member. Rather nations are naturally defined units and identities for man, but certainly not ranks. Nations are rather self-developing and it is down to them to rise above other nations. Keeping this in mind, it should however be mentioned that there is certainly not equality among nations.

For the nationalist approach in the manifestos of the Slovak parties, it is very usual to use three basic principles as their programmatic pillars. These three are national, social and Christian principles. These three also represents the values which should be the guide for every member of the Slovak nation. The national principle is applied by the above-mentioned parties in their cultural and educational policies.