Rightwing liberal type

At the beginning of the description of the main features of the rightwing liberal approach it would be useful to point out that this group is actually, in its views and policies, very similar to the previous one. Both the rightwing liberal and the liberal-sceptic groups are not stressing the concept of the nation and focus rather on the citizenry of the state. This, however, does not mean that rightwing liberal parties do not mention in some places of their manifestos national culture and the need for its cultivation, or even the existence of a national identity. However, these are understood as wide categories that, while being referred to as national, are rather understood as being defined by the  territory of Slovakia not by the Slovak nation.

Rightwing liberal parties are generally liberal in their approach towards foreign and alien elements in society. They value the individual and its rights more than the unquestionable authority of the state. According to these parties the state should also refrain from encouraging its citizens to choose one particular set of values or way of life. On the contrary, the state serves and protects its citizens. It should prevent the discrimination of  minorities and if anything then just facilitate their inclusion into Slovak society. The manifestos in this category are not fixed on the issues of Slovak language and history. There is no objective value in the usage of a majority language by all citizens and also there is no need for all citizens to be proud of Slovak history.