Action of Dissatisfied Citizens 2011, (Akce nespokojených občanů, ANO 2011)

ANO was founded by Czech billionaire Andrej Babiš as a reaction to unsatisfactorily political and economic developments in Czech politics. The main reason was the growing level of corruption and a series of scandals involving the centre-right government. Although the movement had at the beginning a leftist profile, during the 2013 election campaign the movement targeted centre-right middle class votes. It is very hard to categorize the manifesto on the left-right scale or even on the liberal–conservative one. From the content perspective, the manifesto is mainly focused on economical and corruption issues.

The movement declares support for EU integration; however, ANO calls for decreasing VAT in the EU and opposes de facto policies of tax harmonisation. The party supports a higher level of competitiveness in the EU. The movement does not declare if it means refusing any extension of EU competences. In foreign policy, the movement speaks for cooperation with NATO allies, the USA, and V4 as well. Interestingly, ANO calls against marginalization of the armed forces. ANO supports an inclusionary social policy and the positive role of culture in social development.

Like the other parties, ANO supports the stability of food supply produced in the Czech Republic. In this context, the movement wants better conditions for Czech farmers from supermarket companies. In the case of support for domestic production, the movement express the intention to make greater use of domestic energy sources.

Due to the fact that the manifesto is oriented on selected policy issues instead of general ones, it is very hard to categorize the movement. However, ANO does not prove the populist signs comparable to Tomio Okramura’s movement.